Advance Baseband Processing Module

( TeraBB 1000)

With two 800 MHz channels for receive input processing and two 800 MHz channels for transmit output processing, the TeraBB 1000 is ideal for many 5G, 5.5G or the next generation RAN radio unit application such as advance smart repeater, O-RAN radio unit, integrated access and backhaul, etc.

Bundle with many baseband processing features, the TeraBB 100 can be configured out of the box as a smart repeater when combined with our customizable TeraRF modules for various 5G and 5.5G FR1 and FR2 bands application.

  • 2 Receive Channels @ 800 MHz (1G Samples per sec)
  • 2 Transmit Channels @ 800 MHz (1G Samples per sec)
  • Rx to Tx latency < 1 us
  • Programmable digital baseband filters
  • Self Interference Cancellation
  • IQ imbalance cancellation
  • DC offset cancellation
  • 5G compliance TDD control
  • 4 ARM Cores, 1 GPU, 4 GB DDR RAM
  • Wifi capability for remote maintenance
  • Internal 2-Channel SFP Fiber Interface for custom development (SFP optical 1.25G, 2.5G, or 10G optical modules not included)
  • 2-Channel 10/100M/1000M Ethernet RJ45